Why some apps can’t connect via Wifi

I have a tablet running Android 11. Android is up to date. For the most part, everything works. I just can’t get some apps to connect to the internet (aways the same apps). For instance, the HBOMax app doesn’t connect. It says I am offline. I can simultaneously connect to HBOMax via the browser, but not the app. Same thing with Speedtest app. No connection with the app. Fine in the browser. Same thing with my Surfshark app. I can logon to the VPN if I do it manually, but the app says no internet when I try auto-login. These apps run fine on my Pixel phoneI have tried to troubleshoot doing all of the following, multiple times
-Delete app cache and storage. Delete app. reinstall app
-Restart router. Restart tablet
-Turn wifi on and off on tablet
-Tried Wifi at home, at work (different networks) and on the road
_Tried turning off or on the VPN

For Speedtest, I don’t really care, but for HBOMax, it is an issue. The app has a lot more options than the browser.



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