Why wont my camera or flashlight open, says their being used by another app?

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Everytime I try to use my camera or flashlight a message pops up that can not open due to being used by another app, can not use on more than 1 app at a time. Nothing I’ve tried works. I have force stopped the camera and cleared the cashe and data. Didnt work. I have went into my app permissions to check what apps are using my camera, and it’s only my camera, phone and snapchat. No third party apps using the camera. I’ve done a hard factory reset on my phone. Didnt work either. I’ve taken my phone to 2 repair shops and been told they cant figure it out, must be software issue?? My phone is an S8 plus, only a few months old, but purchased refurbished so no warranty. Any advice or ideas?!?


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