Why would someone who owns a Samsung phone need to download the Samsung system apps?

So, I have an odd question.. While going over my husband’s Google account and activity – he has 2: 1 personal, 1 business – and I watch them both for anything out of the ordinary, especially lately, since there had been some issues with fraud on our wireless account, Spyware on my phone (yes, verified), among some other issues I won’t get into unless you need the details. Anyway, what I came across was this: in December of 2020 it showed that he installed a SIM mobility KIT, AP Remote Support for AT&T, Samsung KMS Agent, Briefing App for Samsung, Samsung Gallery, Samsung Keyboard, Samsung Experience, Samsung Biz Service. Now, the thing is this- WHY? Why would he need to download or install ANY of these since he ALREADY OWNS a Samsung Galaxy Note 8? It comes pre-installed with these programs/appstore the most part, that I could find. Minus the AP Remote Support for AT&T, which, AGAIN – WHY? We have AT&T, so why install an app when we have the service?

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