Wi-Fi Auto Mode?

With the older Galaxy watches, you had 3 Wi-Fi modes: On, Off, or Auto. On the Watch 4 Classic, I am not seeing an auto mode. However, if I turn it on or off, the subtext says it will only use Wi-Fi when it’s needed (regardless of which I choose).

So, the question I have is whether this is supposed to emulate the "auto" mode? If so, should the switch be left as toggled "on" or will it automatically turn on if left in the "off" position?

Also, noticed there is no setting to sync Wi-Fi networks like there was on the older models. However, it appeared to automatically sync the networks from my phone. Is there a way to manage the networks stored on your watch. There are some on my phone that I do not want on my watch. (I use a VPN on Wi-Fi networks outside my home and I am not aware of any VPN apps for the watch yet.) I have gone in to view the networks. However, it doesn’t show any saved networks. The only ones that show are those that are locally available (whether or not they are actually stored)


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