[Wifi problem]

Hi, I have a Galaxy S7 and cannot connect to wi-fi at my favorite brew pub. My Samsung Tab E tablet has the same issue. Several others that have Samsung devices also have the same problem. My laptop, which is not a Samsung, has no problem. I called Verizon tech support but all they did was refer me to Samsung tech support. I called them and the Samsung gal had me reset my network settings, but to no avail. The error message when I try to log in says "Webpage not available," along with an IP address and a MAC address. The last line says it "could not be loaded because: net:ERR_UNSAFE_PORT"

Any ideas? Is there a fix or workaround for it or am I just S.O.L.? Thanx for any help.

Sent from my Commodore 64 running Windoze 95

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