Will my phone really not work come January?

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I have an LG G7 ThinQ. More specifically the G710VMX. I purchased it unlocked and brought it to Tracfone, yes I use Tracfone. It worked with the original SIM card I had from another phone until it didn’t, that’s when the issues began. Bought a 3 pack VZW, T-Mobile, AT&T sim kit intending to use VZW because has the best service in rural areas. That sim would not work so ended up with T-Mobile sim and bad service. Assumed the phone was GSM only so I suffered. Then I tried to put in an AT&T sim to see if that would give better service and it’s GSM so I thought it would work, well it doesn’t. Somehow this is only compatible with T-Mobile and US Cellular which is CDMA(? since I assumed phone GSM only). Now Tracfone and T-Mobile reps both are telling me that once they switch to VoLTE the phone will no longer work, I will need a new phone. How is that possible?? I love this phone and hace read that it is capable of operating in VoLTE but the setting to turn it on is not there. And all other networks when given my IMEI tell me it’s not compatible. HELP ME PLEASE, I can’t afford, nor do I want, a new phone right now.


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