Will not accept PIN to decrypt on samsung s8

Android Pie
During summer my Samsung galaxy s8’s battery ran out, and when I rebooted it would not accept my PIN.
Now I have 3 tries left until it wipes my data.
It is running android Pie.
I have talked to Samsung, and they could not help, since it is the OS.
Searching around the net some people suggested cleaning the cache. I tried but this did not work.
After a hard reset it did not work.
Trying to unlock it with Samsung online tool did not work, it could not find my phone.
I found someone talking about a default password, but I am only able to enter numbers.
Can I use my google account in any way? Or get it connected so I can use Samsung online unlock?
Or make it roll back maybe?
And you I should have had a backup, but alas i have none.


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