Will Samsung lose sales on foldables with S22 ultra next year?

So it’s not an issue lol but I’m just thinking that with Samsung planning to roll out the note successor in form of the S22 ultra, I think it might lose the chance to make foldables more mainstream. The absence of a note 20 ultra successor in 2021 forced some ardent note users, yours truly included, to try out the Z fold 3. I personally didn’t think I was ready for a foldable phone in 2021 as it wasn’t mainstream tech yet but the fold 3 blew my expectations and I know for now I’m definitely going to continue with foldables. I just think for those who never tried the fold and held out for a new note, they’ll probably stick to that for a few years. If there was no note successor, more would lean towards foldables for productivity. My thoughts…what do you all think?

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