Wireless Fast Charge….No More

The recent major update seems to have "broken" my wireless fast charger’s compatibility with the S21. I actually just noticed it over the last few days.

Up until the AUC8 Update, around April 5, my Choetech wireless charger would fast charge the S21. Suddenly, I see the "Fast Charge" indicator come on when I lay the device on the pad, but then 5-10 seconds later a notification tells me the charger isn’t compatible and it will charge at the "Normal" rate.

A web search shows this has been an issue since early March for some:

I suppose it is because my charger is only rated at 10W, but why did it work before the recent update? I have multiple chargers all around the house, but I will not spend additional money to replace them all.

Bah! Humbug!

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