Word Dices. Word Puzzle Game. Word Search Game. (by Urmobi)

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Word Dices is a Word Search Game for those who like word searches and crosswords. Each level in our word game has a new theme! Your task is to find all the hidden words related to the topic. Train your mindfulness, expand your vocabulary and ability to find associations. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a magical forest and enjoy the gameplay of our word finder game!

πŸ‘ How to play? πŸ‘
Swipe your finger across the screen, combine letters and find all the hidden words on the level.
The letters are connected in any direction – up, down, diagonally and even backwards – but only in straight lines, no turns! Easy levels are gradually replaced by more difficult in our word puzzle game. Magic hints will help you through the levels, and you can also send a screenshot of the level to your best friend and ask him for help!

⭐ Learning English? ⭐
Check and replenish your English vocabulary now!

πŸ‘ No internet? πŸ‘
It doesn’t matter, you can play offline, but remember that you can get some valuable rewards only when the Internet is connected.

πŸ‘ Limitations? πŸ‘
No limits! Play on both your smartphone and tablet. Our Word Search puzzle is suitable for both adults and children. Play together and spend time with your family.

🎁 What’s interesting? 🎁

πŸ”Έ 250+ thematic levels
πŸ”Έ Special super challenging weekly level
πŸ”Έ Free hints every day
πŸ”Έ Word Search
πŸ”Έ Brain Teaser
πŸ”Έ An Addictive Word Puzzle

πŸ† Complete the word search game and become a true Word Dices word finder.

Need help or found a bug? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We read all your reviews and comments, because they inspire us and help us make the game better!

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