Work profile still appearing despite factory reset


I’ve left a company and i’m trying to purge all work related software from my Gs9. The only company software that i had, to my knowledge, on my phone was Microsoft Exchange Sync which i used for sending and receiving work emails and i think it had calendar capability.

I’ve completed a factory reset on the phone and all device administrators have now been removed and device policies. However, when i go into the ‘Apps’ section in ‘Settings’, i can see an app called ‘Work Profile’. This app has all permissions enabled and i can’t change any of the permissions. Furthermore, i cant seem to uninstall this app either. The only things i can do is delete data, delete cache and force stop. I’ve also checked the accounts tied to my phone in the ‘Accounts’ part of my phone and there is no work profile tied to the phone as i’ve completed the factory reset.

Does anybody know if this app is just default Android/Google software that is automatically present on all Android phones? Or is this still company software that is installed in my phone? If so, is there a way to completely remove it?

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