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Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL
Hey all! Quick question/observation for everyone here! I still love my Pixel 3 XL even though the 5 was just announced, however I have noticed over the past few months that my battery is starting to drain out a lot more-so unfortunately with the same exact usage that I do with my phone. I do have my Microsoft Exchange Work Profile on my phone and when i go to access my app draw, then slide over to the left for my work profile it says. i can "pause" my work profile. By doing this, the phone sops my work apps from accessing my location, using my battery, and syncing my email through G-Mail. I just never thought of that has a battery drain but I’d definitely be willing to do a test to see if that’ll substantially increase my battery for now. Also, I will admit that when I go into my camera and flick over to portrait mode, that transition is usually janky/not smooth and takes a few seconds. However, when I pause my work profile that same transition is pretty smooth and faster. I ho[e I’m explaining this correctly, because it’s really odd to me, that’s for sure! Thanks for any suggestions!


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