Xbox app’s remote play feature does not run fullscreen on smartphones with 16:9 ratio displays.

Hello there 🙂

I would appeciate it if someone could help me sort this out. I am really into streaming my console and PC games on my android devices and the Xbox app is a must-have app for me in order to stream my XBOX Series X games on my android devices. However I have a serious issue with it. I have tried the app on the following devices:

Xiaomi Poco X3
Sony Xperia XZ2
Huawei Mate 9
Razer Phone 2
Hacked Nintendo Switch running LineageOS 17.1

On the X3 and XZ2 the streaming is splendid. The app streams at 1080p60 on these devices showing black bars on the left and the right of the streaming area, since the phones have display ratios larger than the streaming resolution’s ratio.

On the Mate 9, RP2 and NSw the streaming does not behave as it should have, it shows black bars on the left, right and bottom. Which is very irritating, since these phones (and console) have displays that matches the streaming resolution (which is 16:9 ofc). The correct behavior would have been to cover the displays from edge-to-edge while streaming.

This only happens with the Xbox app. All the other streaming apps (Steam Link, Moonlight, PS4 Remote Play and so on) run correctly covering the displays from edge-to-edge.

What I have tried:

– Contacting MS – no answer yet
– Rolling back to older versions of the app – same thing happens
– Factory reset on all devices – same thing again
– Trying to force fullscreen with 3rd-party apps which hide the notification/navigation bars – this is in vain as well

Has anyone found a solution that works?


PS: In the image the problem is shown on my Nintendo Switch.

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