Your own personal Photo Cloud

You’ll need a USB drive to plug into this but this Monument Photo Cloud is on clearance at Amazon for $39, I bought this through Kickstarter for $129 3 or 4 years ago and I now have the Monument 2 backed via Indiegogo for $192 delivered.

The Monument 1 does not live up to all its hype but what it does do very well is import, sort and backup your photos to the attached USB hard disks. I’ve got over 57K pics stored on mine, both from my phones and DSLR.

You can set the app to auto upload your phones pics so that every one you take will be immediately uploaded to the Monument Cloud at your house. You can set this to backup on wifi only or over mobile data also. I have Unlimited data so mine is constantly backing up my pictures.

Anyway for $39 it’s a steal and then I wont have to listen to all of you complaining about the lack of SD Card slot 😉 😉


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