"Your Phone Companion" app?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

I was at Google Play Store tonight, updating apps on my Note9, and saw an update available for something called “Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows”.

I looked it up. It’s an app published by Microsoft that lets you connect your phone to a Windows 10 PC, so you can use the PC to access your recent photos, send texts, and make phone calls.

I didn’t install it. It doesn’t appear in my phone’s Apps list, and I can’t find it from my Home screen. So even if I wanted it, I can’t run it.

The only option Play Store gives me is to update it; there’s no “Uninstall” button. (I tried updating it, but the only option I had then was to uninstall the update—which is what happens when you try to uninstall a bundled app like Facebook or SmartThings.)

Apparently, Samsung is bundling this app (which it calls simply “Link to Windows”) with Galaxy 10 phones. How did it get on my Note9 though?

And is there a way to remove it? Or should I just ignore it?

(And yeesh, why did the forum turn the quote marks in my title into code? Go figure.)


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