Z Flip 3 Impressions

The Z Flip 3 5G. Where to begin with this. Well to start off let’s dive into my choices in phones and needs. I am an Industrial Maintenance Mechanic by trade and my phone comes into play more often then I would truly like to admit. From taking pictures, communicating with management and operators, contacting machine manufacturers, reading drawings, replying to emails, and updating our internal maintenance log system my phone gets used on a frequent basis. In my personal life I am someone who honestly leaves my phone sitting around a lot of the time and does not use it often when I am at home. It functions as an alarm clock and to respond to the family and friends via a phone call or text message. I will use it for pictures and such when it is appropriate. Other than that I have a computer which does most of my work flow or an iPad that fills in on the other spots when I am at home and that is my more appropriate option. So what has my phone choice been? Well I was an early adopter of the original Motorola Droid 1 and have flopped back and forth between the Apple and Android EcoSystem for roughly 14 years since the original iPhone came out. Sometimes running both systems in 2 different devices and sometimes being down to one or the other. For the last year or so I have mainly run an iPhone. I got a 2020 iPhone SE then swapped over to an iPhone 12 Mini. At the time with my previous job and with my family all being in the Apple world it just made sense and was easier for me. I found myself wanting to get back to an Android device for the entire year. I can not pinpoint exactly what it is about the Android world that makes me happier but it just does.

My first thought when I heard something about us getting folding phones again? Well it was two fold. At first it was kind of a thought of thinking it was a dumb idea. We are taking steps backwards to have phones that fold? Really? I thought we were going past this. Then I started to think of the nostalgia it brought with it, and this made me smile and think alright maybe there really is something there. Then I saw the phones coming out. The Fold series? Not for me. I do not need a total of 2 large screens that go into my pocket. Too big and too much to break. So it turned me off again until I saw the Razr and Flip series of phones being introduced. I was excited for this. A shorter style phone that can be opened and give me the same display sizes as what I am used to now? Perfect. However my days of being a very early adopter of certain technologies are long gone. So I decided I would wait until these phones got really flushed out. The Razr turned out to be a flop and Samsung took the generations of the Flip series and expanded and improved on them. This led me to the Z Flip 3 seeming like the perfect option for me. It was flushed out and had a lot of the features and wants I could need in the phone.

So overall first impressions of the phone. First and foremost it looks good. I went with the Green version of the phone which honestly looks like a darker blue then a green to my eyes. Nice sleek curves, the external display is nicely set in place and the cameras are not protruding too much. Then I noticed how much of a fingerprint magnet this thing is. If you are someone who wants to keep the phone clean at all times, I wish you luck because it is going to be a tough road. The phone is slippery as well. You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone by getting a case. It’ll make it less slick and will mute your fingerprints as we. I have a case in order to resolve these 2 issues. The hinge feels tight and will not randomly open and close on you, however this is something that we will have to wait and see if it is a longer term thing or if it will loosen up over time. The opening is not as satisfying as flip phones of yesteryear but still just fine. Closing it does give you that satisfying clunk when it closes and does not make any creaking or squeaking noises. The external display, while still small is an improvement, however is still lacking some functionality I would like to see adopted into. The internal screen is a nice bright and vibrant 120 HZ display. Seems like it will be able to serve my needs just fine. Call quality sounds clear on my end and have had no complaints from the person receiving the call either.

So what really drew me to this phone? The fact it does not have the large display on the outside and the fact it protects the inside display when closed. I have cracked more phones screens in my pocket than anything else in this world. Like I said I work in Industrial Maintenance. I am climbing in and out of machines constantly, bumping into things, on my hands and knees constantly, and am working in less than ideal conditions. Having this main display protected is something that is huge for me and the biggest selling point so far.

These are my initial impressions after having the phone for roughly 24 hours. I will update this post with further reviews and thoughts as time goes on. Hopefully if someone is looking into the phone this can give you a starting point.

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