ZTE phone hacked with Stagefright. What are my options?

I saw a text message thread in the Messages icon and opened it, thinking maybe it was from someone I know. When I opened the thread, it seemed to be trying to download a picture or video. Then I noticed that the message thread no longer appeared in the messages list. I did some research and realized I must have been hacked with the Stagefright vulnerability; the MMS downloaded automatically when I opened the thread, and this must have executed something with a buffer overflow hack; the fact that the message thread disappeared means that the hack was successful. I was not connected to wireless at the time and do not have a data plan. I looked for files, apps, downloads, and didn’t see anything that I would know would be suspicious, but there are a lot of system apps, so I don’t know what to look for, and I don’t know if maybe existing apps are infected now. I saw hangouts was active for some reason, so I stopped the service, and rebooted the phone.

I have no idea what it executed on the phone and what sleeper cell may be in there. I figure that as long as I never turn the wireless on again, I might still be able to use the phone to make calls (although maybe it’s doing stuff through SMS that I don’t know?)

I have pictures that I would like to upload but am scared of connecting to the internet, or even having bluetooth connected if it might hack my car.

What are my options, short of doing a factory reset or buying a new phone?

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